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Inventory & Invoice Management

One of the most important elements in any telecom expense reduction process is to understand the inventory of assets and services. With a multitude of voice, data, and wireless assets often disbursed across multiple locations, vendors, and business units, it gets very difficult to manage and maintain an accurate inventory.

Our invoice and inventory management solution helps businesses take control of their assets and expenses. It establishes visibility across all resources in order to maximize the value of telecom expenses. Klarratee provides real-time insights into asset inventory over our secure cloud based platform which displays high-
level data by location, asset type, ROI, and more.

  • Variance, benchmarking and allocation of costs
  • Operational and financial reporting
  • Invoice automation and consolidation
  • Inventory management (services, pricing, contracts, vendors, locations)

  • Monthly audit of invoices for contract compliance
  • Credit recovery of billing errors
  • Ongoing move, add and change inventory updates

Proactively manage your network assets with Klarratee.