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Telecom costs are becoming one of the largest expenses and most time-consuming areas to challenge management for businesses today. Our goal is to help businesses save money and achieve an ongoing savings stream with the optimization of contracts, assets, and services.

A Klarratee audit captures all of the relevant details and chargeable services, including vendors, accounts, circuits, phone numbers, features, taxes, contracts, and locations, and organizes the data to how the business is structured. By aligning inventory and costs with how its viewed in the budget makes it easy to setup cost allocations and run reports.

At the end of the audit, an executive summary is provided detailing the cost-savings, process improvements, management reports highlighting service/vendor/location, contract summaries, and invoice optimization opportunities. With the Klarratee audit guarantee, the identified savings over a defined period of time will meet or exceed the audit fees. We’re confident you’ll see a return on investment. Our audit activities include:

  • Detailed inventory of services
  • Document all inventoried services and account information
  • Identification of unused services

  • Identify services not billed at contracted rate
  • Contract bench-marking against market rates
  • Optimization assessment to identify opportunities to reduce costs

80% of enterprises will overspend on their wireless service costs by an average of 15%.

Financial Case Study
Case Study

Klarratee Audit saves $1.9 Million for financial company.

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Case Study

See how a Klarratee Audit saved $200,000. That’s 3-4 FT employees!

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